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All Istism Dates- Past, Present, and Future


Date                                        Venue                                     Playing with…


October 21st, 2000                  Wyndam Lakes                        Focus

December 31st, 2000               US Play New Years Eve          11 local bands



January 20th, 2001                   US Play                                   Focus

February 17th, 2001                 The Hangar                              Focus, The Spins

March 1st, 2001                       Talent Show                            Corky / Juice Pigs, Mexican Turtles

March 2nd, 2001                     Talent Show                             Corky / Juice Pigs, Mexican Turtles

March 3rd, 2001                      Talent Show                             Corky / Juice Pigs, Mexican Turtles

March 16th, 2001                    Lost Creek                               Focus, Corky and the Juice Pigs

April 14th, 2001                       Harrison High BOTB               9 local bands

May 11th, 2001                       The Satterfields                        Corky / Juice Pigs, Notorius L / FlavaCrew

May 18th, 2001                       Spring Fling                              Corky / Juice Pigs, Teapot Dome

September 14th, 2001              Tailgate Party                          

September 15th, 2001              The Jacksons                           Bovine, Focus, Golem

September 29th, 2001              Cruizers Festival BOTB           3 local bands

October 20th, 2001                  Burnt Hickory Lakes               Phobia, Bovine, Spellchek

December 1st, 2001                 Masquerade                            30 local bands

December 14th, 2001               The Somber Reptile                 Rockford



January 4th, 2002                     US Play                                   Corky and the Juice Pigs, Treephort

January 11th, 2002                   US Play                                   Rounding Third, Rockford

January 26th, 2002                   Winter Homecoming Party       

February 8th, 2002                   US Play                                   Crazy Anglos

April 5th, 2002             US Play                                               Rockford, Crazy Anglos

Apirl ???, 2002                        Bikes for Breast Cancer           

April 27th, 2002                       Harrison High BOTB               about 8 or 9 Harrison bands

May 12, 2002                          The Masquerade                      The Shits, Smacking Ashley, Phobia

May ???, 2002                         Spring Fling                             Phobia, Spellchek

May 24, 2002                          Prvt. Graduation Party 

July 20, 2002                           Cormier’s Coffee House