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------------The following is from Alex------------


      Well, I guess I should add the caveat that the events that may transpire are by no means set in stone. But it IS a chance (in Hell, perhaps), but no longer an impossibility.

      My friends, there is a possibility, albeit slight one, that ISTISM MIGHT OPEN UP FOR INCUBUS (if they come, and there is a good chance they will) AT UGA IN MARCH. No shit. Would I shit you? I think not, heh.

      This is what happened. One of my good friends Adam here in Athens is in the University Union, which is in charge of “buying” big-name entertainment acts (among other things) to keep us college students…well, entertained I suppose.

      Anyway, my friend Adam is one of the people on the board that decides who gets to come play at UGA, and he and some other people are really pushing for Incubus. After he finished telling me about that, I (half-jokingly) said it would kick ass if we could open for Incubus (being the Incubus-copiers that we are, right?).

      Well, to that he said: “Would you do it for free?”

      Uh, yeah. That’s about the time I shit a brick (sorry for the language, folks).

      So now he is trying to contact the president of the entertainment board of University Union over Thanksgiving to see what she thinks. And trust me—I’m bugging him about info, so I will let you all know what I hear.

      Which gets us to more immediate matters: namely, December 1st. We absolutely NEED as many people as possible to attend the BOTB at the Masquerade; we NEED audience support, we need to see ya’ll smiling mugs out there in the audience going wild and breaking whatever happens to be in your vicinity (if it comes to that—and I sure hope it does, heh), but most important of all—WE NEED YOUR MONEY. No, the boys of Istism have not become televangelicists and we promise not to send you unwanted magazines; but unless ya’ll buy 30 tickets, there will be no show (for us, at least). That blows. Especially if we want to hook this thing up with Incubus (or whoever they decide to bring to UGA to play. Adam says they’re extremely close to getting Nelly Furtado, but they still need a rock act. I even heard him mention System of a Down or Foo Fighters. But you’re sure as hell not going to see me opening up for Collective Soul, heh). Think about it: why the hell would they let a band with no major venues under its belt open up for a top-name act? I hope we can audition for the University Union and they can see past that, but I wouldn’t blame them for being a little skeptical.

      So, PLEASE!!! We need to kick ass at the Masquerade, win first place, and build some momentum. I KNOW $12 is a lot (trust me here), but we WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN. Bring your friends, see the other bands, take a caravan, anything. We will help ya’ll out with whatever you need, if there are other issues besides money keeping you from buying a ticket, going, and having a good time ripping the Masquerade to shreds. So let’s do it!!!

      In other important Istism news: I’m going to work on getting our demo from the Cruizers’ show on 90.5 WUOG here in Athens as soon as I go home for Thanksgiving, get a copy from my faithful cohorts, and hand it over to two of my friends who volunteer at the station. More news from the Athens front as it develops…


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