Phobia and Miller's Tale at the Masquerade, folks. This Friday, June 21st. Be there. Cause I will. So will Simmons.

New site on its way, I promise, guys.



New site coming very soon.



Bad news. Had to take the mp3s down because Tripod was complaining that we exceeded their 20 MB quota, not to mention that we exceed their bandwidth limit all the time anyway. Still working on new things as far as the web site goes. Don't know if we can afford our own domain though, which is disheartening considering everything that could be done with it. Oh well. Everyone go see Phobia at the Masquerade on June 21st. They will be playing with Miller's Tale. I suppose that's it for now. Peace, yo.



Some explanations are in order. I have recently decided the present state of this website is .. sort of chaotic. The news updates are slow, sections are outdated and new sections are neglected. I would like to do a complete redo of the site as soon as possible, which will probably be after graduation. This band has been around for over two years, and we've always had the same site. I think I can do a better job now than I originally did. For one thing, the Tripod domain has become sluggish, the advertisements have become quite annoying, and the bandwidth and space limitations are impossible to work with. I can't put up as much content as I'd like. Perhaps we'll see www.istism.com in the future...

In other news, the Masquerade show was fun for Phobia and us. We have a show coming up this Friday, a graduation party. Fun times. Thanks for enduring my rant/update.



Alright finally some work getting done. I shrunk all the pictures from the January US Play show so those of you too scared to download and look at them all go ahead and do it now, they're 800x600 now as opposed to like 2048x?whatever. Also pictures added from

1. US Play 4-05-2002

2. Harrison Battle of the Bands

And a new feature will have you coming back each day- we're changing the picture on the opening page every 24 hours (at least at first.) We know we've got a few on here so this will let you see 'em without all the digging.

Oh yeah, and the show...

We have a show on May 12th at the Masquerade. Tickets are $6 and we'll be playing with Phobia, Smacking Ashley, and "The Shits". No, thats their band name I'm not joking. Anyway, it should be cool so come see Marty scream like Lift after smoking shards. (By the way, Lift kicks fuckin ass.)



Congratulations to Tenth Try for winning the BOTB!

We've got pictures from the last US Play show, (yeah that one with the Crazy Anglos), the BOTB, and finally the "Bikes for Breast Cancer" gig- which was a complete and total disaster by the way. Look for Cal's pictoral commentary on that one, it should be fuckin hilarious. But uh, I'm kinda busy today so maybe I'll do my part later.

And lastly, and yeah this is kinda random, I thought I'd share the joy from this program. Pop-Up Killer will instantly close those windows "Welcome to a Tripod Member Page" and all other pop-ups you want it to, if you can figure out how to use it. Its really easy by the way. When the window is up the first time open the program, go to detected pop ups, and black list it by double clicking on it. Anything to make our website better, you know...or maybe you don't...



By the way, we are playing in battle of the bands at Harrison in the gym, and it starts at 4 and will probably end around 9. Tickets are only $5 if you get them at lunch, but I think they go up to $7 if they're at the door. See you guys there.



I put a picture of the flyer up from the Lost Creek gig; yeah I know it was over a year ago...but it was my favorite show. Anyway check it out, its so damn cool.



I finally put the new song on the songs page.



Alright, here's the deal with new shows. April 5th, this Friday at US Play (they've done enough apologizing and they're one of the only local places to play) we'll be playing with the Crazy Anglos and Rockford. There is the possibility for a gig on April 19th that is still being worked out. April 27th is the date for the HHS Battle of the Bands which we will be playing in again this year. And finally, we are apparently playing with Tenth Try and Phobia at the Masquerade sometime in May, but I'm still waiting to hear more about this. We look forward to seeing you in the future at a venue near you- look out for flyers.



We are not posting anything related to what happened in the last week. If you write something that is related it simply will not be posted.


As many of you may know by his absence from school John has been sick lately (namely with the flu) and is presently bedridden. In light of this, there will be no performance tonight at Insomnia. Sorry.



Matt Simmons said he has discovered the greatest website in existence. Tell us what you think. THE GREATEST WEBSITE EVER ACCORDING TO SIMMONS



Check us out this Wednesday at Insomnia. We'll probably be doing a little Doors cover or something, because I'm a Jim Morrison wannabe.



Check out this and then tell me this girl isn't a bitch, it seems that some people don't get the idea why I responded as I have. (Posted on February 2nd on allforthemusic.blogspot.com).

"I'm on the Istism site and I'm looking at their US Play pix to see if I can find a pic of myself on there. Cuz ya know I'm just so cool and I went to it. Well the pix are freakin' huge so I dunno if I'll be able to find myself. I know that doesnt make sense but ya theyre all blurry n stuff. Hey I see cool freshman Zach on there! Hes in Spellchek and Ransom. Go Zach! I like that kid. He's cool n has a nifty Ninja Turtles patch on his backpack. Fun times. K, note to whoever scans Istism pix - MAKE THEM SMALLER, YOU IDIOT! K, I'm done. Just a note about this, if you have an up to date browser this shouldn't be a problem as it will automatically format the picture to the size of your screen. We recommend high resolutions for this page anyway...I'm going to see them n Phobia next week. Just cuz I'm so cool. Actually me n Andy n Ryan n Greer n Kat n Jackie n Jenn n Mary n maybe Chris W if Andy brings him are all gonna make fun of them. Well actually just me n Andy n Ryan n Greer n Kat bc Jackie likes Phobia. But I dont. Marty is a jackass. He ran into me yesterday and I go JACKASS and Andy was like "hahaha". It was great. Mm hmm. I'm rambling. But it's cool bc only cool ppl can ramble this cooly. That made no sense but hey thats the point of rambling. Guess what? One of my vocab words with ingratiate and if you ingratiate yourself, you make yourself good with someone. So I was singing that cool Adema song The Way You Like It and I go "appreciate dont playa hate ingratiate". It was great. Yea, okay, can someone honestly tell me John Carpenter isnt stoned in this picture? No, you can't, because he is a major stoner. And he doesnt even look like Brandon Boyd. In fact right there he looks like a GORILLA. A gorilla with a major attitude problem. Please keep in mind that I've never met this kid in my life. Talent show is in a month, yay. My boys are in it & everyone should cheer for them bc theyre all so gosh darn cute. My boys are Andy n Ryan. Ya they are a part of Scoop but Rob n Chris arent my boys. They both kinda freak me out. Esp Rob. Whenever me n Kat walk by him and his gf, he purposely puts his arm around her or starts kissing her. Does he get it yet that I am quite happy with one of his friends? Apparently not! Besides Rob was never my favorite member. I mean geez. Andys my fave member! He always was, ::sniffle::, memories. Hey look it's Mr.I Wanna Be Brandon Boyd attempting to be pensive! How cool are you John! Man! YOU ARE TOO COOL! I think I am gonna dedicate this blog to making fun of Istism. Hey everyone, check out this cool ass song by that cool ass band:

"Eggs & Bacon" - written by John Carpenter - GO FIGURE!!!!! I've edited out my own lyrics for space's sake (too late now haha) but they are posted on her page and on this one if you care to read them.

I don't know about yall but DAMN that moved me. I'm listening to Mellow on Real Player. How cool of me." ...and our music sucks (I'll post that quote later), how ironic...

I will post another one of these for the next couple of days for the sake of exposing this shit to all those who haven't seen it already, and because she doesn't want it out here. This will end after that, assuming no more is said, as this site is not about this feud but about Istism. Lastly, before I leave you, I'd like to quote a musical genius, Maynard James Keenan of TOOL, "Wear the grudge like a crown"


For all the news that isn't very new, check out the news archives section.

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